Pyrgulopsis trivialis

Black River Springsnail

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The Three Forks springsnail was originally described as Fontelicella trivialis by Taylor (1987, pp. 30, 32) and later Pyrgulopsis confluentis by Hershler and Landye (1988, pp. 32, 35) from a spring-fed pond at Three Forks, Apache County, Arizona. The species was renamed Pyrgulopsis trivialis by Hershler (1994, pp. 68, 69). The Three Forks springsnail is a variably sized species, with a shell height (length) of 0.06 to 0.19 inches (in) (1.5 to 4.8 millimeters (mm). A detailed description of the identifying characteristics of the Three Forks springsnail is found in Taylor (1987, pp. 30, 32), Hershler and Landye (1988, pp. 32, 35), and Hershler (1994, pp. 68, 69). Springsnails are strictly aquatic, and respiration occurs through an internal gill. Mobility is limited, and significant migration likely does not occur, although aquatic snails have been known to disperse by becoming attached to the feathers of migratory birds (Roscoe 1955, p. 66; Dundee et al. 1967, pp. 89, 90).

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Pyrgulopsis trivialis
Common Name
Black River Springsnail
Three Forks Springsnail
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