3-200-60: Native Endangered and Threatened Species (Interstate Commerce)

Interstate commerce permits also allow transport and sale of listed species across State lines (e.g., for purposes such as a breeding program). Please note, interstate commerce permits for plants may be renewed and amended. Interstate commerce permits for wildlife cannot be renewed and are issued for one year. 

To Complete This Form You Will Need the Following:

For New Interstate Commerce Permit

  • Identify species and activity.
  • Identify location of the proposed activity.
  • Description of the proposed activities.
  • Approval from Federal, tribal, State, county, municipal, or foreign government to conduct the activity you propose.
  • Please see Form 3-200-60 for more details.

For Renewal or Amendment of an Existing Valid Interstate Commerce Permit for Plants Only (With Changes)

  • Up-to-date annual reports and any other required reports under existing valid permit.
  • List of covered species that will be added or removed.
  • List of authorized individuals who will be add or removed along with updated resumes or CVs for all authorized individuals.
  • Description of change to covered activities and/or conservation activities.
  • Description of the change in location of proposed activities.
  • Describe any additional changes or revisions.
  • Please see page 3 of Form 3-200-59 for more details.
For Renewal of an Existing Valid Interstate Commerce Permit for Plants Only (Without Changes)
  • An existing valid Interstate Commerce Permit (without changes).
  • Up-to-date annual reports and any other required reports under existing valid permit.
  • Please see page 3 of Form 3-200-59 for more details.

Application Processing Fee

  • New - $100 permit application processing fee.
  • Renewal - $100 permit application processing fee. If you are applying to renew a valid permit, your complete application package must be received at least 30 days prior to the expiration of the existing valid permit (50 CFR 13.22) to avoid a lapse in permit coverage.
  • Amendment - $50 permit application processing fee: An amendment to a valid permit is requested at a time other than renewal.


Submit an Application

To submit an application online or through the mail, follow the instructions on our ePermits site.

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