3-200-42: Import/ Acquisition/Transport of Injurious Wildlife under the Lacey Act

Under a provision of the Lacey Act (18 U.S.C. 42), any importation of injurious wildlife into the United States or its territories or possessions must be authorized under a permit issued by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service. In addition, for any injurious specimens listed in the code of federal regulations (50 CFR 16), transport between the continental United States, the District of Columbia, Hawaii, the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico, or any territory or possession of the United States by any means whatsoever must be authorized by the Service.

If you are requesting authorization for activities that involve a species listed under the Endangered Species Act, you must complete Section E of application form 3-200-37a and include your responses with this application. 

For any activity involving species listed as injurious, submit this application to apply for importation or transportation of the species (including for educational purposes).


To Complete This Form You Will Need the Following:

  • Provide copies of State authorization(s) required for your facility to possess and maintain injurious wildlife species or the name and phone number of the State contact person or office for verification that no authorization is required. If moving animals across State lines for export purposes, you may be required to meet regulatory requirements of each State.
  • Injurious wildlife must be maintained in double escape-proof enclosures (e.g., two separate containment systems to ensure against escape) at all times. Provide a description, including photographs and diagrams, no blueprints, please, of the following that identifies how containers and facilities are double escape-proof. 
  • For import or transport of live bat species, provide CDC transport permit. CDC transport permit is only required for original imported specimens, not their progeny. 
  • For the import of any species in the family Salmonidae, an authorized health certificate is required in lieu of an injurious wildlife import permit. For more information on how to obtain this certificate, please contact Joel Bader with the USFWS Fish and Aquatic Resource Conservation Program at e-mail address is being set up.



Submit an Application

To submit an application online or through the mail, follow the instructions on our ePermits site.



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Summary of Species Currently Listed as Injurious Wildlife under (18 U.S.C. 42) (Lacey Act). The summary here shows wildlife species that are currently listed as injurious and includes updated numbers for taxonomic changes to the species’ names.