Facility Rules and Policies

Help us keep Valle de Oro National Wildlife Refuge safe and fun for everyone. Please stay safe and have fun!  

  • Keep all pets on a 6 foot non-retractable leash and on designated trails at all times.

  • Firearms and other weapons are not allowed in refuge buildings.  

  • Discharge of firearms is strictly prohibited.  

  • Hunting, fishing and trapping is not allowed on refuge lands. Activities that use birds of prey, such as falconry, are also not allowed.  

  • Do not feed wildlife on the refuge. 

  • Do not release any animals on the refuge.  

  • Please do not smoke within 25 feet of refuge buildings.  

  • Please stay on designated trails or roads at all times.  

  • Camping or overnight parking on the refuge is not allowed.  

  • Commercial activities on the refuge are only allowed with a valid special use permit issued by refuge management.  

  • Use of uncrewed aerial vehicles (drones) and remote-controlled aircraft or vehicles on the refuge is not allowed.  

  • We do not allow entering or remaining on the refuge when under the influence of drugs or alcohol.  

  • Please keep balloons and kites at home.  

  • Keep sports items home, such as soccer balls, Frisbees, etc.