A smartphone snapping a photo of a bright yellow flower in a grassy field

Whether you're carrying a camera with a telephoto lens or a smartphone, there are lots of opportunities for great wildlife and landscape photography on the refuge! 

Photography Tips

  • Be patient with yourself and wildlife. Great wildlife shots take time. Find a place to sit quiet and still, and wildlife will see you as part of the landscape rather than a threat. Help camouflage yourself by wearing less colorful clothing. 
  • Do some background research about your subject. If you understand the animal, plant, or object you're trying to photograph, it will be easier to find and photograph without disturbing its natural behavior.
  • The best lighting to capture wildlife is usually in the early morning or before dusk, before the sun casts too much of a shadow. Mid-day light can be just fine for close-up shots of insects or flowers. Late afternoon light can be a beautiful time for wide-angle landscape photography. 
  • Each season has something new to offer in terms of which wildlife are present, where to find them, and what's notable about their habitats. As you spend time outdoors in the refuge, you'll get more of a feeling for when/where to find the subjects of your photos. 

The use of unmanned aircraft or drones on the refuge is prohibited.