Facility Rules and Policies

To ensure your safety and protect wildlife and habitat, please adhere to the following regulations. Visitors participating in hunting and fishing activities must adhere to all Refuge specific regulations and North Dakota State hunting and fishing regulations.

Road Access and Vehicle Use
Roads Open to Public Use

North Lake Road - open year-round

Point Road is open, if passable, until November 1.

Prairie Lake Auto Tour - open May 1 through September 30

Vehicle Use

Off road vehicles and snowmobiles are not permitted on the Refuge.

Unless posted otherwise, the speed limit is 25 miles per hour.

Vehicles must be parked in designated parking lots or pull outs.

General Hunting Information

The Refuge is open to deer hunting and a late-season hunt for pheasants.

Hunting waterfowl or any other species is prohibited.

There is no retrieval zone on the Refuge.

Easement refuges located adjacent to Tewaukon NWR are closed to hunting.

Hunting and is allowed in accordance with Federal regulations governing public use on national wildlife refuges. 

Persons possessing, transporting, or carrying firearms on National Wildlife Refuge System lands must comply with all provisions of State and local law. Persons may only use (discharge) firearms in accordance with Refuge regulations.

Late-Season Pheasant Hunting

Pheasant hunting on the Refuge opens the first Monday after the deer gun season closes and remains open through the end of the State season.

Hunters may possess and use only non-toxic shot.

Deer Hunting
General Deer Hunting Regulations

Portable tree stands, ground blinds, and trail cameras can be set up on or after August 20 and must be removed by January 31. Identification must be displayed that has the owner’s name, address, and telephone number.

Placing bait and hunting over bait is not allowed.

Youth Deer Season

The Refuge is open during youth deer season. All State regulations apply. 

Rifle Deer Season

Only individuals possessing a 2G2 antlerless or Refuge antlered deer tag may access the Refuge during the deer rifle season.

Hunters with a 2G2 unit antlerless tag may hunt on the Refuge.

Hunters must have a Refuge antlered tag to hunt antlered deer on the Refuge. This tag is also valid anywhere in the 2G2 unit.

The Refuge is closed to muzzleloader hunting.


Fishing is allowed on Lake Tewaukon and Sprague Lake in accordance with State regulations. All other Refuge waters are closed to fishing.

Fishing from the shoreline is allowed year-round.

Fishing from a boat is allowed from May 1 through September 30. There are no motor restrictions.

With the exception of a closed area that surrounds the aerator in Lake Tewaukon, ice fishing is allowed. Please refer to the map or the signs located at the boat ramps for the location of this closed area.

Vehicle access for ice fishing is at the boat ramps.

There are no size limits for fish.

To request a printed brochure and map, contact the Refuge Manager.


Pets must be under the owner’s control at all times. Pets can create disturbance to nesting birds and if out of control can harass or disturb other wildlife.


The Refuge does not have trash receptacles, you are responsible for disposing of your own trash. Do not leave anything behind. Pack it in, pack it out. 


Searching for and collecting antlers, arrowheads, rocks, and other artifacts is a violation of the Archeological Resources Protection Act and is prohibited. 

Camping and Fires

Camping, open fires, and wood cutting or gathering are prohibited.


Drones may not be launched, landed, or flown over Refuge lands.