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Cooperative Agriculture Opportunities at Swan Lake National Wildlife Refuge

Swan Lake National Wildlife Refuge near Sumner, Missouri, has cooperative agriculture opportunities for farming on soybean fields totaling 673 acres for up to five years.

To be considered, applicants must complete and submit the bid form available on the refuge website. Applications must be received by November 9, 2023. Applications may be submitted by email to steve_whitson@fws.gov or in person at Swan Lake NWR 16194 Swan Lake Ave, Sumner, MO, 64681.

Successful applicants will be selected through an open and competitive process. Applications will be scored and ranked using the objective criteria described in the bid form. All applicants will be notified by November 17, 2023.

For more information, please contact Refuge Manager Steve Whitson at steve_whitson@fws.gov.

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Some commercial, recreational and research activities are allowed on national wildlife refuges only with a special use permit issued by the local office, and are subject to specific conditions and fees. This permit requirement is meant to ensure that all activities at the federal site are...