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Migratory bird hunting, upland game hunting and big game hunting were expanded in 2015.Swan Lake NWR was created to protect habitat for ducks and prairie chickens. Geese were rare visitors until 1941 when 800 Canada geese wintered at the refuge. Over the years, the refuge gradually attracted more and more geese. Today, from 10,000 to 80,000 Canada geese can be found on the refuge annually. A goose-only hunt is held with specified blinds or blind sites assigned to hunters via a morning drawing. Up to four hunters may hunt in one group. Check with refuge office for the latest regulations. A controlled muzzleloader deer hunt is also held on the refuge. Deer hunts are held for youth and disabled hunters.

For Special Regulations and Hunting Rules and Polices

Swan Lake National Wildlife Refuge Bird Count 2021-2022
American Coot151631006500100008012515031007502500
American Widgeon65000000000
Common Goldeneye0000070060
Green-winged Teal33255300110005400208561005300017000
Hooded Merganser040025041500
Northern Pintail38854525550450031108000452200200
Northern Shoveler36320005272000400081002000295220
Ring-necked Duck2125140003004110170241400210015006
Unidentified Ducks0300050006000400040003000300010000
Wood Duck1670664920234120
Total Ducks14479632677770198688671331015676326748220 31573280
Canada Goose062010758696268500
Greater White-fronted Goose000000022001000100
Snow Goose0100000050010001000020000150000
Total Geese010062010755810691006222268 16050100
Bald Eagle0421912172642559663
Trumpeter Swan02921162872915121855
Great Blue Heron3000000000
Unidentified Gull75500100150600500500000
Double -crested Cormorant000000000100
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