Storm Impacts at Brazoria and San Bernard

Hurricane Beryl impacted the Texas coast and the refuges, we're doing our best to protect public safety. 

  • At San Bernard National Wildlife Refuge, the Auto Tour/Wildlife Drive will be closed beginning July 6, 2024 at sunset, until further notice.  
  • At Brazoria National Wildlife Refuge, the Discovery Center and Big Slough Wildlife Drive will also be closed beginning July 6, 2024 at sunset, until further notice. 

These public use areas will reopen as soon as storm impacts can be assessed and public safety can be assured. 

Stretching inland from the Gulf beaches into the bottomland forests of the Brazos and San Bernard River basins, San Bernard National Wildlife Refuge provides vital habitat for migrating and wintering birds as well as resident wildlife. The refuge manages a diverse array of habitats across the landscape including salt marshes and saltwater lakes, coastal prairies, freshwater lakes and marshes, intermittent streams, and riparian and bottomland forests. The refuge has several recreation areas for people to enjoy the diverse habitats and populations of migratory and resident wildlife that call San Bernard home. The refuge supports a diversity of coastal wildlife, including more than 320 species of birds, 95 species of reptiles and amphibians, and 450 species of butterflies and dragonflies.
Northern Shovelers
**UPDATE on Sargent Unit Permit Waterfowl Hunts - 2023-2024**

The drawing for the Sargent Permit Waterfowl Hunts will not be conducted this season.  As a result of prolonged drought conditions, water levels in the hunt areas of Pentagon Marsh are not sufficient to provide for satisfactory hunts this season.  We appreciate your continued patience and understanding.  Hopefully, we will see better conditions in the coming year.

Thank you.

(Updated - 06 December 2023)

For more information on the Sargent Permit Waterfowl hunts and other areas open to waterfowl hunting, check out our page on Hunting at San Bernard NWR, located here.

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San Bernard is a very diverse national wildlife refuge, stretching inland from the Gulf coast across saline and freshwater marshes and up the Brazos and San Bernard river watersheds, protecting varied habitats ranging from coastal marshes and freshwater wetlands, to upland prairies and bottomland hardwood forests. Whether gazing out across saline marshes, or under a dense canopy of oak, pecan, and green ash trees, the refuge is reminiscent of what the American settlers to Texas experienced 200 years ago. With three recreation areas and 10 trails, San Bernard has a lot to explore.

Location and Contact Information

      America the Beautiful Passes

      America the Beautiful Interagency Passes are available at our Complex Office located at 2547 County Rd 316, Brazoria, TX 77422. Please call (979) 964-4011 in advance to ensure that staff are available to complete the transaction.

      Our Species

      San Bernard National Wildlife Refuge is home to a diversity of migratory and resident wildlife.  From saline marshes supporting wintering waterfowl and water birds, to the inland bottomland forests supporting migrating Nearctic-neotropical songbirds and resident wildlife, the refuge is important for conservation of wildlife.