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Management goals include:

  • Conserving, restoring, managing, and protecting native terrestrial habitats that are representative of remote tropical Pacific islands, primarily for the benefit of seabirds; 
  • Conserving, managing, and protecting native marine communities that are representative of remote tropical Pacific islands;
  • Contributing to the recovery, protection, and management efforts for all native species with special consideration for seabirds, migratory shorebirds, federally listed threatened and endangered species, and species of management concern; and
  • Protecting, maintaining, enhancing, and preserving the wilderness character of terrestrial and marine communities.

Rose Atoll suffered from an oil spill, grounding, and wreck of a Taiwanese longliner in 1993. U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service's monitoring of injuries led to support from the Oil Spill Liability Trust Fund Act to remove the ship debris and monitor recovery of the atoll. As of 2007, all ship debris has been removed and the atoll continues to recover based on monitoring studies since 1994.