Youth waterfowl lottery hunt photo showing two hunters wading in the wetlands

Red River National Wildlife Refuge provides hunting opportunities on over 12,000 acres of land on its Bayou Pierre, Spanish Lake Lowlands and Lower Cane River Units. The refuge offers a youth waterfowl lottery hunt each year to provide young hunters an opportunity to enjoy the experience of duck hunting and hone their skills. Information about the youth lottery hunt and how to apply can be found on the refuge website. All specific seasons and regulations can be found there as well.

NEWS RELEASE: Applications to be accepted for Red River National Wildlife Refuge Youth Waterfowl Lottery Hunts
Contact: Pat Stinson, Refuge Manager, (318) 742-1219

Red River National Wildlife Refuge has six dates for Youth Waterfowl Lottery Hunt
opportunities. The application period for all lottery waterfowl hunts is September 30, 2022
through October 22, 2022. All applications must be mailed, e-mailed, or delivered to the refuge.
Blinds or decoys will not be provided by the Service for any of these hunts. There will be 3
individuals chosen and 3 hunt areas open in our sanctuary area on the Bayou Pierre Unit (Yates
Tract) for each of the 6 dates.


The Youth Lottery Waterfowl Hunt is open to youth 10–15 years of age as of November 1,
2022. The 6 available hunt dates for the 2022-23 season are: November 12, November 26,
December 17, December 31, January 14, and January 28. Selected youth, their adult
supervisor, and an additional youth guest and adult supervisor are permitted to hunt on these
dates in compliance with state law. If an additional youth guest is invited, the additional adult
supervisor is optional. Youth hunters must harvest their own limit.

To apply for refuge Lottery Hunts: A Waterfowl Lottery Application should be sent or delivered to: Red River National Wildlife Refuge, 150 Eagle Bend Point, Bossier City, LA 71112 or by 1:00 pm on Saturday, October 22, 2022. An application form can be found on our website or you may pick one up at the refuge. No phone applications will be accepted. If the required information is not provided or is illegible, the applicant will be ineligible for the drawing. Individuals submitting more than one application will be disqualified from the drawing.
Successful applicants will be issued a special permit for each hunt they are chosen to participate in. Only successful applicants will be notified by October 31, 2022.

For additional information about events at Red River National Wildlife Refuge visit our website at, call us at 318-742-1219, or visit us on Facebook at

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The regulations in this pamphlet supplement the general regulations governing hunting and fishing on national wildlife refuges as set forth in Title 50, Code of Federal Regulations.  Hunting and fishing will be in accordance with applicable state regulations except as noted below.