Mountain Longleaf National Wildlife Refuge's primary purpose is to enhance, manage, and protect the unique mountain longleaf pine ecosystem in northeast Alabama.

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Mountain Longleaf National Wildlife Refuge is rich in wildlife and recreation opportunities. Many people come to the refuge each year to enjoy solitude, to commune with nature, and to share the joys of wildlife with family and friends. 

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      About Us

      Mountain Longleaf National Wildlife Refuge is located in Calhoun County in northeastern Alabama. The primary objective of the refuge is to maintain and restore a naturally regenerating mountain longleaf pine ecosystem along with providing educators, research scientists, and the public a broad range of opportunities to appreciate and enjoy a rare southern forest type.

      What We Do

      The most efficient and ecologically beneficial method to manage and restore the longleaf ecosystem is prescribed fire. Following creation of the refuge in 2003, the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service instituted a prescribed burning program to ensure this remnant of a once vast forest type remained for future generations to enjoy. 

      Our Species

      The longleaf pine habitat is just one in a mosaic of habitats and forest communities found on the refuge. This habitat diversity creates homes for a variety of wildlife species that can be found on the refuge.

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      Visit our digital library to view refuge documents and brochures.