Hunter sitting at the base of a tree, wearing camouflage and turkey calling.

Little Pend Oreille National Wildlife Refuge is a popular destination for Northwest white-tailed deer hunters. The refuge provides important winter range for white-tails that migrate to the area in late fall and early winter as snow depth increases at the higher elevations. A late-season archery hunt from late November to early December provides additional hunting opportunities. The refuge is an admired destination for other hunters as well. Turkeys can be seen, and upland bird hunters have a chance of taking three forest grouse species – blue, spruce and ruffed – on one hunt. Various big game, including small but growing moose and elk populations, draw more hunters each year. Several seasonally opened roads give hunters access to favorite areas. The natural beauty and variety of game make this a desirable and appreciated refuge among Northwest hunters.


The Refuge is open for Spring turkey hunting, including the youth season, in accordance with Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife regulations. No other spring hunting including bear hunting is allowed.


Hunting is allowed for all species from September 1 through December 31 in accordance with Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife regulations. Although beginning in 2019 the state's black bear hunting season opens on August 1, no hunting of any kind is allowed on the refuge, including black bear, until September 1. The Refuge is closed to all pursuit and hunting of game or discharge of firearms at all other times. The majority of the Refuge is in Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife Game Management Unit 117.


There is a 3 point minimum on mule deer and any white-tailed buck may be hunted. The 4 point minimum has been eliminated.


Waterfowl hunting is allowed on Refuge lakes and ponds but all streams are closed to waterfowl hunting. Steel shot must be used for waterfowl hunting.

General Regulations

  • Loaded rifles and shotguns in a vehicle and target shooting are prohibited.
  • The possession or use of alcoholic beverages while hunting is prohibited.
  • Distributing or hunting over bait and spotlighting (including using vehicle headlights) is prohibited.
  • The use of dogs for hunting is allowed for legal bird hunting only. Dogs are not allowed to roam at large and must be under control at all times.
  • All federal and State of Washington hunting regulations, seasons, bag limits and license requirements apply. See the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife's Hunting Seasons and Rules brochures for more information.

Shelter and Stand Regulations

  • Portable or temporary blinds and tree stands must be removed after three days.
  • Permanent blinds and pits are not allowed.
  • Do not use spikes, nails, screws, bolts or wire to secure blinds or stands to trees.

Firearm Regulations

  • Discharging of firearms is prohibited except when legally hunting.
  • Do not shoot a firearm within one quarter mile of any maintained building or designated campground.
  • The area around McDowell Marsh is closed to hunting to protect visitors using the McDowell Marsh Environmental Education Trail.
  • Loaded rifles and shotguns in a vehicle and target shooting are prohibited.
  • Possession or use of other weapons like cross bows, bows and arrows, air guns, spears or gigs is prohibited unless legally hunting.