Woman dressed warmly in camouflage and standing in marsh reeds aims a shotgun into the air

Lake Andes WMD provides important feeding, nesting and resting habitat for waterfowl in the southern portion of the prairie pothole region. The waterfowl production areas (WPAs) in this district, all open to public hunting, include more than 19,000 acres of protected wetlands and grasslands. Hunting is popular here, with thousands of ducks and geese using the wetlands each fall. Blue-winged teal, mallard, gadwall and wigeon can be found in large numbers, as can diving ducks like redhead and ruddy. Grasslands, which provide spring nesting cover for ducks, also hold good numbers of upland birds. Many local hunters know that these grassland areas can contain white-tailed deer. Most hunters don't consider WPAs for turkeys, but the hunting can be good on units where there is some wooded cover.