Prospectus and Request for Proposals Commercial Big Game Guiding Services within Alaska Region's National Wildlife Refuges

The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service is currently accepting proposals to conduct commercial big game guiding services in the  Alaska Maritime NWR, Arctic NWR, Kenai NWR, Koyukuk NWR, Nowitna NWR, and Yukon Delta NWR. For more information click here

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Access to Koyukuk is limited to air and river travel. The village of Huslia is located within the refuge with a population of approximately 250. Visitors can access the refuge by air charters or by boat via the Koyukuk River. The refuge visitors center is located south of the refuge in Galena, AK.    


Activities within the refuge are mainly activities that may require some experience being in a backcountry environment. Trails found within the refuge are mainly created by wildlife use. Activities that can be done on the refuge include, hiking, camping, hunting, fishing, photography, wildlife watching, and wild edible foraging. 


Koyukuk National Wildlife Refuge
C/O Koyukuk/Nowitna National Wildlife Refuge 101 Front Street Galena, AK 99741-0287