Here is a comprehensive list of documents and links that pertain to the refuge.

Refuge eBird tracker



The latest comprehensive conservation plan for Iroquois National Wildlife Refuge. This is the culmination of a planning effort involving the local community and many partners to establish 15-year management goals and objectives for wildlife habitat, public use and access and administration...


General information about Iroquois National Wildlife Refuge  including its history, purpose,  trails, overlooks, activities, etc.


Refuge bird brochure. List birds found on the refuge and during which seasons they may be found.


Refuge mammals brochure. Lists most common mammals found on the refuge.


Refuge wildlife observation general information and rules. Lists the names and locations of nature trails and overlooks.

Waterfowl Hunting Fact Sheet 2023.pdf

Refuge waterfowl hunting policy and information. Describes where waterfowl hunting is permitted and how to obtain permits. Waterfowl hunting regulations may change.


Refuge upland small game/other migratory bird hunting policy and information. Describes where small game and migratory birds other than waterfowl may be hunter and under what conditions.

Small game including: ringneck pheasant, ruffed grouse, cottontail rabbit, gray squirrel, coyote,...


Refuge deer hunting policy and information. Describes where deer may be hunted and specific hunting regulations.

Sport Fishing Fact Sheet 2022_Iroquois NWR

Sport fishing policy and regulations on Iroquois NWR. Describes where fishing is permitted.


Refuge youth turkey hunt policy and information. Describes how  to register and participate in the refuge youth turkey hunt. 


Refuge trapping policy and information. Describes where trapping is permitted and what species may be trapped as well as procedures to obtain trapping permits.


This is a general map of the refuge. For information specific to activities please refer to fact sheets above.

Iroquois NWR Hunt Plan 2020

This is the most recent (2020) Hunt Plan for Iroquois NWR

Iroquois NWR Turkey Hunt and map July 2022

Refuge turkey hunting policy and information. Describes where turkey hunting is permitted and how to obtain a refuge turkey hunting permit. (Required


Lottery draw form for the first two Saturdays of waterfowl hunting at the Refuge.

At dawn, a silhouette of a group of birds fly over a marsh boardwak. City structures and forest appear in the distance
Read stories from our Urban Partnerships and Urban Bird Treaty cities across the Northeast Region that highlight our success in fostering connections to nature for urban communities.
Iroquois National Wildlife Refuge Cross Country Skiing and Snowshoeing Fact Sheet

Information and regulations regarding cross country skiing and snowshoeing on the refuge.