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Fall Calendar of Events 2018

2018 Hunt Registration Now Underway

Refuge White-tailed deer and American Black Bear hunts will take place this fall. Register now!

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eBird Trail Tracker


Follow the link to see what birds are seen where as soon as anyone post to eBird! Photocredit:USFWS/MJohnson

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Important Trail Information

Refuge Trails Update

Trail Infor-promo

Washington Ditch entrance: road open for vehicles to parking area; trails open for hiking and biking. Portsmouth Ditch entrance: road open for vehicles to Big Entry Bridge; trails open for hiking and biking. Jericho Lane entrance: closed to vehicles access until further notice; trails open for hiking and biking. Railroad Ditch entrance (Lake Drummond Wildlife Drive): road open for vehicles, hiking, and biking. See "Trail Closures for 2018 Hunt Dates" for more information.

Important Trail Information

Trail Closures for 2018 Hunt Dates

Tail Information sign

The Lake Drummond Wildlife Drive and the Jericho Lane entrance will be closed, except to hunters with permits, on the following dates: September 29, October 5-6, 12-13, 19-20; November 1-2-3, 9-10-16-17, 2018. The Washington Ditch entrance and the Portsmouth Ditch entrance will remain open for hiking and biking as they are "No hunt" zones.

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