Laws and Regulations

Visitors are reminded of the following regulations:

  • Hikers and bikers must stay on designated trails at all times. Please note that the boardwalk trails are narrow and bikes should be walked along these paths to ensure the safety of all visitors
  • Swimming is Lake Drummond, or anywhere on the refuge, is not permitted
  • Handling of wildlife is strictly prohibited for the safety of visitors and the safety of wildlife.
  • Dogs are permitted, but must remain leashed.
  • Hunting is allowed with a refuge hunt permit
  • Fishing is permitted with a State license from piers and boats only; no bank or ditch fishing
  • Camping, fires, and overnight use is prohibited
  • Metal detecting is not permitted at any time of year.
  • The consumption of alcohol on refuge property is prohibited.
  • Some unusual activities (such as commercial filming, collecting plants, and research) require a Special Use Permit.