Boats (max 25 hp) are permitted on Lake Drummond only, as the ditches are not maintained for passage. Note that Lake Drummond is on average 3 feet deep. 

Boats can access Lake Drummond from 2 entry points: 

Boat Ramp from Wildlife Drive: At the end of Lake Drummond Wildlife Drive there is a boat ramp and parking area. Enter the refuge at the Railroad Ditch/Wildlife Drive entrance (3120 Desert Rd).
No special permits are required for boating, however, this entrance requires a $5 entry fee for vehicles. The fee is waived with a Refuge pass or other Parks Pass (Senior, Military, Annual, Access, Ducks Stamp). There is a self-service payment station 1/2 mile down Railroad Ditch Rd., or the fee can be paid during office hours at the headquarters building  at 3100 Desert Rd.

Feeder Ditch: A water-only access operated by the Army Corps of Engineers. This entrance is located off the Dismal Swamp Canal on the refuge's eastern boundary.