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The Grand Bay National Wildlife Refuge was established in 1992 with the goal of protecting one of the largest expanses of pine savanna remaining in a relatively undisturbed state. This rare and vital habitat provides a home for various plant communities and migratory bird species that can be observed in abundance.

A large reptile basking in the sun on a log over still water surrounded by green vegetation

The American alligator is a large, semi-aquatic, armored reptile that is related to crocodiles. Their body alone ranges from 6 - 14 feet long. Almost black in color, the it has prominent eyes and nostrils with coarse scales over the entire body. It has a large, long head with visible upper teeth...

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A baby tortoise perches in grass and looks at the camera.

The gopher tortoise is a large, (shell 15 to 37 centimeters or 5.9 to 14.6 inches long) dark-brown to grayish-black terrestrial turtle with elephantine hind feet, shovel-like forefeet, and a gular projection beneath the head on the yellowish, hingeless plastron or undershell (Ernst and Barbour...

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