Facility Activities

The Howard Creek, Fern Ridge and Pine Creek units have areas open to limited hunting, fishing, wildlife photography and wildlife observation.

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From bald eagles to spoonbills, from condors to puffins, birds abound on national wildlife refuges. Refuges provide places for birds to nest, rest, feed and breed making them world-renown for their birding opportunities.

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Sandstone cliffs, deep valleys and coldwater trout streams aren't typical Iowa terrain, but these unique habitats are all part of Driftless Area NWR in the northeast part of the state. The refuge is located in the "driftless area" of the Upper Midwest, a portion of the region that remained...

Whether you wield a smartphone or a zoom lens, you’ll find photo-worthy subjects at national wildlife refuges and national fish hatcheries. Wildlife photography is a priority public use on national wildlife refuges, so you’ll find wildlife drives and blinds and overlooks to help you get the images you’re after.
Many refuges champion wildlife viewing as a key recreational activity.