Established to meet the needs of migratory birds, Dahomey National Wildlife Refuge has the largest bottomland hardwood habitat in Northwest Mississippi.

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Dahomey National Wildlife Refuge is open to the public year-round for wildlife viewing, nature photography, environmental education and interpretation, hunting, and fishing. For hunting and fishing, individuals will need a refuge permit. The recent additions of a photo blind on Paw Paw Trail, and a boardwalk with viewing tower on the Herbert Nature Trail, provide more opportunities for the public to view wildlife

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      About Us

      Dahomey National Wildlife Refuge, located in Bolivar County, was established to provide habitat for migratory birds and to protect wetlands. The refuge is administered by the North Mississippi Refuges Complex. 

      What We Do

      Wildlife conservation is at the heart of the National Wildlife Refuge System. At Dahomey National Wildlife Refuge, several different types of management techniques are utilized to provide habitat for migratory birds and to protect various types of wetlands.  

      Our Species

      Bottomland hardwood forests have rich soil allowing for fast growing trees. This provides important habitat to a variety of wildlife including migratory songbirds and waterfowl, squirrels and other small mammals, deer, and many other animals. 

      Our Library

      Visit our digital library to view fact sheets and other refuge documents.

      Projects and Research

      The refuge collaborates with Delta State University, the U.S. Forest Service, and other research organizations to carry out a variety of research projects annually.