Crane Meadows National Wildlife Refuge was established in 1992 to protect one of the largest, most intact wetland complexes remaining in central Minnesota. Currently, the refuge is made up of 14 different parcels of land, totaling 2,150 acres. Featuring a rich mosaic of healthy sedge meadow, shallow lake, oak savanna, prairie, shrubland and forest habitats, it provides critical habitat for many species.

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Visiting Crane Meadows National Wildlife Refuge gives us all a chance to unplug. Hiking the Platte River Trail, searching for wildlife and taking a moment to take everything in at the Sedge Meadow Overlook can provide a relaxing break from our busy lives. Beat cabin fever in the winter by exploring the winter landscape on cross-county skis or snowshoes. The refuge encourages a sense of wonder and curiosity. Come out and enjoy the refuge on your own, with friends or attend a refuge event!

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      With a diverse array of habitats, Crane Meadows National Wildlife Refuge attracts more than 200 species of birds and has documented 35 species of mammals, 10 species of amphibians and 11 species of reptiles on the refuge. Some species, such as the bald eagle can be observed flying high in the sky or sitting on its nest any time of day. Other species are secretive and are rarely observed, such as bobcats and sora rails. Keep your eyes and ears open when you visit. You never know what you might spot!