Seasons of Wildlife

March – April: Migrating shorebirds feed on drawn down ponds.  

July – October: Post-breeding concentrations of wading birds and migrating shorebirds use evaporating ponds.  

November – February: Wintering waterfowl congregate on ponds. 

Featured Species

Although the refuge is closed to hiking, visitors may view wildlife from the observation tower.  The most commonly seen wildlife are waterfowl, wading birds and shorebirds, including several species of herons and egrets, Canada geese, white-fronted geese, and snow geese.  Ten or more species of ducks may be seen during the winter months, as waterfowl flock to the sanctuary of the refuge's moist soil units.  With over 10,000 birds during the peak of the winter season, visitors can see large numbers of mallards, green-winged teal, and gadwall with several other species of diving and dabbling ducks in lesser numbers. White-tailed deer, raccoons, and other mammals may also be seen, as they are attracted to the water in the moist soil units.