Law Enforcement

While on the refuge for all emergencies please call 911.  

To report refuge violations call Refuge Law Enforcement at 270-703-2836. You can also email or call 1-844-397-8477 and leave a message. Make sure to include the name of the refuge where the violation occurred and your contact information. Tips may be reported anonymously.

Refuge property is marked on the outside boundary with yellow paint hash marks and blue goose boundary signs. Landowners adjacent to the refuge may mark their boundary with blue paint hash marks and no trespassing signs. Trespassing on posted or unmarked private property is a violation of Kentucky state law.

  • The Refuge is only open to the public from sunrise to sunset, with the exception of permitted hunting seasons. 
  • There is no camping allowed on the Refuge; campfires are also not permitted
  • Refuge signs define refuge boundaries. “Area closed” signs are erected to minimize disturbance to wildlife and for public safety. 
  • Pets on a leash are permitted. 
  • Bicycling is permitted on established roads.
  • Horseback riding is permitted on established roadways or trails.
  • Firearms are permitted on the refuge in accordance with state and local law.
  • Searching for and removal of objects of antiquity is prohibited.
  • Disturbing or feeding wildlife or collecting plants is not allowed.
  • ATV’s are prohibited.
  • Use of artificial lights, including vehicle lights, to observe wildlife is not allowed.
  • The Refuge is open during daylight hours.

For hunting and fishing regulations, please refer to our hunting brochure.

To find out more about Lar Enforcement in the region follow the link: Division of Refuge Law Enforcement Southeast Region