Law Enforcement

To report injured wildlife or wildlife crimes please contact us:
23734 U.S. Highway 1
McBee, SC 29101
Phone: (843)335-8401
Fax: (843)335-8406

Rules are created to protect not just visitors, but also wildlife, so please take care to follow them when visiting our refuge. 

  • Camping and the use of off-road vehicles are prohibited on the refuge.
  • Federal law protects all government property, including natural, historical, and archaeological features. Searching for or removing objects of antiquity or other value is strictly prohibited. Please do not pick flowers or remove other vegetation.
  • The use or possession of alcoholic beverages is prohibited on the refuge. 
  • A special refuge permit is required for all hunts. Permits are free for all hunts except the turkey hunt, which requires a special quota hunt permit. This permit must be carried at all times while hunting, and is not valid until signed. Permits are non-transferable.
  • Other activities may be permitted by obtaining a Special Use Permit.  Please contact the refuge office at (843) 335-8401 or with your inquiry.