Bond Swamp National Wildlife Refuge was established in 1989 to conserve, maintain and enhance the ecosystem of the Ocmulgee River floodplain. Its mixed hardwood/pine ridges, bottomland hardwoods, swamp forests and oxbow lakes provide a vital link in the Ocmulgee Heritage Greenway, which is working to protect the Ocmulgee River and its rich resources.
Hunting and Fishing Permits and Regulations Available

Refuge permits are required for all hunters and fishermen and anyone who accompanies them.  You can access the current Hunting and Fishing Regulations brochure and permit online at this link. 

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You can enjoy fishing, hunting, hiking and wildlife observation activities at Bond Swamp National Wildlife Refuge. Opportunities to hunt deer, turkey and feral hogs attracts hunters from across Georgia. Small game hunting for squirrel, rabbit and quail is also available. The animals that live at Bond Swamp are as diverse as the refuge, from bats that fly high in the sky to frogs that burrow into the mud.

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