Facility Rules and Policies

Enjoy exploring and recreating in your National Wildlife Refuge! Below are some rules to follow to help ensure sustainable habitat and natural resources and to ensure visitor safety.

Non-motorized watercraft only are allowed in the Pearl River Turnaround Fishing Access Site when it is open.
Vehicles are only permitted on public roads and designated parking areas.
Primitive camping is permitted within 100 feet of designated streams.  Camping is closed and the refuge is closed to hunting (except waterfowl), when the water level at the Pearl River, LA station is at 15.5 feet or higher.

The following activities are prohibited:

  • The possession of toxic shot while hunting is prohibited, except during the deer gun hunts
  • Hunting from a permanent tree stand, or from a tree in which a metal object (such as nails, spikes, screws) has been driven
  • The use or possession of alcoholic beverages while hunting
  • Possession or distribution of bait while in the field, and hunting with the aid of bait, including any grain, salt, minerals, or any non-naturally occurring food attractant
  • The use of horses and all-terrain vehicles
  • All commercial hunting and fishing activities including guiding or participating in a paid guided hunt
  • Target shooting
  • Incidental take of hogs during the squirrel, rabbit, and turkey seasons
  • Use of houseboats within refuge boundaries, except for navigational purposes
  • Use of trail cameras
  • The use of deer or turkey gobbler decoys
  • It is unlawful to hunt from or shoot within 150 feet from the centerline of a public road, refuge road, designated or maintained trail, building, residence, designated public facility, or above ground oil, gas, or electric facilities
  • The use of any type of material used as flagging or trail markers, except reflective tacks
  • Field dressing game (hogs included) within 300 feet of any road, trail or parking lot
  • Cutting, removing, or damaging live trees
  • Searching for or removing any object of archaeological or historical significance including arrowheads, pottery or other artifacts
  • It is illegal to operate unmanned aircraft on refuge property without a special permit. (*A drone flight may be permitted occasionally for research or resource management purposes). If a drone operator stands beyond refuge boundaries and flies the vehicle over the refuge, fines can be levied if the drone is observed disturbing wildlife.