Archery hunter standing in live oak tree

Blackbeard Island NWR offers two, three-day archery deer hunts each year. These hunts are the oldest managed archery hunts of any within the entire National Wildlife Refuge System. Hunters may take up to five deer, no more than two antlered, as well as an unlimited number of feral hogs. The refuge is accessible only by boat, and hunters must make their own transportation arrangements. Boaters should pay close attention to tide tables. Camping is permitted, in designated area on the refuge, throughout the hunt. 

All hunters 16 and older must purchase a $25 Savannah Coastal Refuges Complex Hunt Permit in order to hunt the refuge. Click here to purchase your permit. 
(Due to the potential for tropical storms and hurricane activity in our area that could shut down our hunts, we advise hunters not to purchase hunt permits any earlier than one week before you plan to hunt. There is no limit to the number of permits we will issue in an season, and therefore no benefit to purchasing it early.)

Hunters are also required to download and read the Blackbeard Island NWR Hunting Regulations posted below.

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