Two woman in bright clothing and helmets riding down a dirt road on electric assisted mountain bikes


Biking is a good way to see wildlife, learn about habitats and photograph nature. Yield to pedestrians; many refuge routes are multi-use trails. Mountain or hybrid bikes are recommended due to the rough, rocky nature of the trails. Please note that there is no shade or shelter along most routes. 

Approximately 36 miles of trail are open to biking on the Perimeter Levee including the L-40 levee north and south of the Headquarters Area and the L-40 and L-39 levees east and west of the Hillsboro Area. The A, B & C impoundments are also open to biking. Bikes are permitted on refuge roads open to the public. Bikes are not permitted on the Cypress Swamp Boardwalk. E-bikes are permitted on any refuge road or trail where traditional bicycle use is allowed.