Auto-Tour Route

A 6-mile self-guided auto tour route will take you through a variety of habitats on the western side of the Refuge, providing excellent opportunities to view and photograph waterfowl and other water birds, white-tailed prairie dogs and pronghorn. 


There are three ADA compliant overlooks to facilitate viewing wildlife and habitats at a distance. The Brocker Overlook located off Highway 14, the Allard Overlook located on the Refuge Headquarters’ entrance road and the Owl Ridge Overlook located on Jackson County Road 32 near the Refuge Headquarters.  

Viewing Blind

An ADA compliant waterfowl viewing and hunting blind is located at Fox Pond on the Refuge back entrance road where you can view waterfowl and shorebirds.

Moose-Goose Nature Trail

Moose-Goose nature trail is an ADA compliant 1/2-mile interpretive nature trail, which winds along the Illinois River, provides a great chance to view song birds and other riparian residents. During hunting seasons it is a good idea to wear hunter orange or brightly colored clothing while walking on the Refuge.
Trail Length (mi)
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Estimated Time
30 minutes
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