A brown sign with ducks on the side of a road that reads Pajaro Observation Blind

The refuge has an incredible Wildlife Drive where black bear, wild turkeys, all kinds of birds of prey, waterfowl, and other wildlife may be seen. Locals drive around after supper and compare notes about how many bears they have seen in different fields. There's even a chance to see an elusive red wolf! For your convenience, maps are available at the kiosk at Creef Cut Wildlife Trail and at the entrance to the Refuge Operations Facility on Milltail Road. The Drive is not a simple loop, but has a variety of roads from which to choose. There are a series of roads totaling approximately 15 miles, plus many additional roads are open to vehicles and provide access to thousands of acres of wildlands.  If you want to stop anywhere along the road, just pull over to the right so that others may safely pass. We offer guided tram tours weekly during the summer and monthly throughout the rest of the year.