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Millions of seabirds, endemic species that only nest here, and Asiatics that blow in with storms or spring and fall migration. 

More than a millions birds nest on each of these refuge islands, St. George in the Pribilofs, Kiska, Chagulak, St. Matthew, Forrester and the Semidis. Another island, Buldir, is also in the "millionaire" class but is closed to the public to protect Steller sea lions. Other, more accessible, islands host at least a quarter million nesting seabirds such as St. Lazaria near Sitka, the Barren Islands near Homer, and Egg Island near Unalaska. Adak is a destination for spring and fall migrants blowing ashore from Asia (see Adak Bird List)

  • Whiskered auklets - Baby Islands near Unalaska, Little Tanaga Pass (accessible by local boat charters from Adak)
  • Crested and least auklets - the Pribilof Islands and the Semidi Islands west. 
  • Cassin's auklets - the Semidi Islands west.
  • Parakeet auklets - from Homer and Seward west.
  • Red-legged kittiwakes - the Pribilof Islands
  • Asiatic birds - the Pribilof Islands in May, Attu or any western Aleutian island
  • Marbled murrelets - waters near Homer, Afognak and Adak
  • Kittlitz's murrelet - waters near Homer, Adak and Attu
  • Emperor goose -In winter - Kodiak, Unalaska and Adak
  • Aleutian cackling goose - Shemya, western Aleutians
  • McKay's bunting - St. Matthew Island
  • Evermann's rock ptarmigan - Attu Island
  • Aleutian song sparrow - Adak and west
  • Black guillemot - Cape Lisburne
  • Laysan, black-footed, and short-tailed albatross - Seguam Pass