Two children looking at a herd of elk from the bed of a carriage in a snowy landscape with mountains in the background

Wildlife observation opportunities are best in the early morning or late afternoon hours, when animals are foraging for food.

Waterfowl Observation Periods

  • Canada geese and trumpeter swans start arriving in mid-March;
  • Ducks start arriving in early April;
  • May through mid-June is the best time to observe ducks,when their colorful spring plumage makes identification easier;
  • Goslings can be observed as early as the first week in May,and ducklings as early as the third week in May;
  • Peak fall populations of Canada geese and ducks occurs from late-September through October.

Other Popular Viewing Opportunities:

  • Sandhill Cranes: April 25–May 5 and September 25–October 10
  • Franklin’s Gulls: May 1–July 15
  • Warblers: May 15–25
  • Sparrow species: May 15–25
  • Shorebirds: May 20–30 and August 15–September 15
  • Moose Calves: May 15–June 15
  • Moose Rut: September 15–October 31