Southeastern Oregon Collaboration to Address Primary Threats to Sagebrush Landscapes

Funding Year





Baker, Vale Counties, Oregon

FY23$119,200Baker, Vale Counties, Oregon
FY24$171,190Baker, Vale Counties, Oregon

Project Description

Habitat restoration (juniper and invasive annual grass control) via the Baker and Vale Local Implementation Teams (LITs) across multiple land ownerships.


Oregon Watershed Enhancement Board, Department of State Lands, Pheasants Forever, private landowners

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A cloudy sky with redish vegetation can be seen and a large rock outcrop pokes up in the distance.
The western United States’ sagebrush country encompasses over 175 million acres of public and private lands. Sagebrush country contains biological, cultural and economic resources of national significance. America’s sagebrush ecosystem is the largest contiguous ecotype in the continental...