In collaboration with the Craig Brook and Green Lake national fish hatcheries, the Northeast Fishery Center developed conservation genetic management plans for breeding and raising Atlantic salmon in the hatchery. These plans are helping the United States recover distinct populations of endangered Atlantic salmon, which are only found in Maine. The genetics of incoming adult fish and their progeny are continually monitored. This information guides ongoing breeding protocols and helps us evaluate recovery.



Juvenile Northern Pike in aquarium at Gavins Point National Fish Hatchery, South Dakota
The Fish and Aquatic Conservation program leads aquatic conservation efforts for the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service. We are committed to tackling the nation’s highest priority aquatic conservation and recreational challenges to conserve, restore, and enhance fisheries for future generations.
Close up of a California condor. Its pink featherless head contrasts with its black feathers.
We provide national leadership in the recovery and conservation of our nation's imperiled plant and animal species, working with experts in the scientific community to identify species on the verge of extinction and to build the road to recovery to bring them back. We work with a range of public...


A cisco fish with coloring dusky gray to bluish on the back, silvery on the sides, and white on the underside being held laying on its side across two hands.
The Northeast Fishery Center (Center), located in Lamar, PA includes the Lamar Fish Health Center and the Lamar National Fish Hatchery and Fish Technology Center. We help guide and conduct the science and technology needed to restore and conserve species and their habitats. Our research helps...
Thousands of vibrant orange Atlantic salmon eggs show small black eyes
Craig Brook NFH currently functions as a conservation hatchery for the last remaining natural populations of Atlantic salmon in the United States for seven river specific brood stocks.
Stocking Atlantic salmon smolts
Green lake National Fish Hatchery works with partners for the conservation and recovery of Atlantic salmon in the Gulf of Maine Distinct Population Segment. We culture Atlantic salmon in an effort to prevent its extinction and preserve the genetic diversity of the populations.