Cottonwood Ranch Meadow Enhancement Project

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Elko County, Nevada

Project Description

The Reno Fish and Wildlife Office Partners for Fish and Wildlife Program will work with the Cottonwood Ranch in Elko County, Nevada, to improve meadows in the floodplain of Cottonwood Creek to benefit both wildlife and livestock. Three phases are targeted to improve soil and mesic function: 1) soil amendments, 2) planting cover crops, and 3) native plantings. Phase I is supported by this project to bring the soil chemistry back into a balance that will support a native meadow ecosystem.


NE Elko Conservation District, private landowner

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A cloudy sky with redish vegetation can be seen and a large rock outcrop pokes up in the distance.
The western United States’ sagebrush country encompasses over 175 million acres of public and private lands. Sagebrush country contains biological, cultural and economic resources of national significance. America’s sagebrush ecosystem is the largest contiguous ecotype in the continental...