Building and Testing a Multi-scale Adaptive Management Framework for Evaluating Restoration Effectiveness in the Sagebrush Biome

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This project fills an important gap in the effectiveness monitoring needs of multiple stakeholders implementing restoration efforts in Oregon, Nevada, and beyond. The project provides a platform for standardized data collection, accelerated analyses and reporting, improving accuracy of satellite-derived vegetation cover products, enhancing utility of the Conservation Efforts Database and information sharing among practitioners to meet the critical need for monitoring so that all can improve return on restoration investments. This project responds to the need to apply outcomes of large-scale habitat restoration efforts to inform future restoration treatments and adaptive management of ongoing projects.


United States Geological Survey, Oregon State University – Institute of Natural Resources 

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A cloudy sky with redish vegetation can be seen and a large rock outcrop pokes up in the distance.
The western United States’ sagebrush country encompasses over 175 million acres of public and private lands. Sagebrush country contains biological, cultural and economic resources of national significance. America’s sagebrush ecosystem is the largest contiguous ecotype in the continental...