Monitoring migratory game bird harvest in the United States 

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The Fish and Wildlife Service monitors migratory game bird harvest in the United States. The Branch of Monitoring and Data Management (BMDM) within the Migratory Bird Program uses the Harvest Information Program (HIP) to select hunters for the Migratory Bird Hunter/Harvest Survey (Diary Survey) and the Parts Collection Survey (Wing Survey). All hunters are asked to complete HIP but a smaller sample of hunters are sent the Diary Survey and Parts Collection Survey.  The smaller sample is based on HIP responses.

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The USFWS' Migratory Bird Program administers annual reports that present hunter activity and harvest estimates from Harvest Information Program surveys.  Reference materials for migratory game bird and wing ID are also included.

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The Migratory Bird Hunter Survey and Parts Collection Survey are based on the following species or species group: 1) doves and band-tailed pigeons, 2) waterfowl (ducks, sea ducks, geese, and brant), 3) American woodcock, 4) rails, gallinules, coots, snipe and 5) sandhill cranes.