What We Do

  • Establish digital media policy
  • Develop and maintain our homepage and various supporting pages
  • Operate the national social media accounts and the Open Spaces blog
  • Oversee our overall web presence including www.fws.gov and all social media sites
  • Produce and edit videos
  • Help other offices in the creation of online videos
  • Provide training and guidance in digital media creation and policy
  • Maintain our intranet site to provide employees with current government and Service news, tools, and information.
  • Produce our quarterly e-magazine, Fish & Wildlife News
  • Provide technical and policy support in the production of printed materials
  • Serve as the main point of contact to the General Printing Office for brochures and printed materials including the Code of Federal Regulations

Our Programs

The Division of Marketing Communications is part of the Office of Communications in headquarters, along with Public Affairs, Congressional and Legislative Affairs, and Partners and Intergovernmental Affairs.

Herd of elk standing on top of hill
The Office of Communications program is the primary "voice" of the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, communicating with the public, partners, and Congress. We share the Service story with the public and media through websites, social media, and news releases. We also work with Congress, partners, and...
the dome of US Capitol in blue sky
The Division of Congressional and Legislative Affairs is the liaison between the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service and Congress. The Division is responsible for ensuring effective and appropriate communications between Congress and the Service, and for implementing the Service’s legislative agenda...
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Public Affairs works to ensure the public can find out about us and our work in a timely way and in formats they can easily access, use, and understand.