Microscopic image from fish gills
The Bozeman Fish Health Center provides services to eight western states including Colorado, Kansas, Montana, Nebraska, North Dakota, South Dakota, Utah and Wyoming.
Petri dish filled with agar and divided into thirds. Each third has a culture growing in it.
The California-Nevada Fish Health Center (CA-NV FHC) was established in 1982 and is co-located with Coleman National Fish Hatchery in Anderson, California.
Person dissecting three fish on tray
Fish health centers provide expertise in aquatic animal health through diagnostics, monitoring, investigations, certifications and training related to both wild and captive populations. Centers coordinate the Wild Fish Health Survey and address emerging pathogen issues through applied research and...
Image of a salmon that is being examined for fish health purposes
The Pacific Region Fish Health Program protects the health and welfare of fish living in the wild and on Federal and partner hatcheries in Idaho, Oregon, and Washington. With healthy fish we can be confident that fish survive in the wild to support the Service’s mitigation and recovery goals.
Fish Health Facility Sign
Warm Springs Fish Health Center was established in 1989 with the capability to provide state-of-the-art fish disease diagnostic and fish health certification services to a variety of national fish hatcheries, state fish hatcheries, and private fish farms. The fish health center also provide...
Rainbow Trout in net
The Lamar Fish Health Center located in Lamar, PA at the Northeast Fishery Center works to prevent the spread of aquatic diseases and keep our wild and hatchery fish healthy. In doing so, we help maintain healthy ecosystems across the Great Lakes to the Atlantic coast, and into the Ohio and...
Southwestern Native Resources and Recovery Center entrance sign
The Southwestern Native Aquatic Resources and Recovery Center is located within the Pecos River Valley in Dexter, New Mexico. The center is dedicated to scientifically based protection, restoration, and recovery of aquatic species protected under the Endangered Species Act in the Southwest. It...