Personnel Management

033 FW 10
FWM Number
Originating Office
Division of Human Capital


10.1 Redelegation.

A. Standing Redelegations.

(1) Regional Directors and the Assistant Director - Policy, Budget and Administration are redelegated the authority delegated to the Director pursuant 242 DM 2 (also published as 031 FW 2) and 205 DM 6 and 8 as they pertain to personnel management, except as indicated below. The exercise of this authority includes but is not limited to the following activities and their associated personnel programs: (205 DM 8.1A)

     (a) Appointments, Changes, and Separations
     (b) Position Classification, Pay and Allowances
     (c) Performance and Awards
     (d) Duty Stations, Time and Attendance, and Leave
     (e) Labor Relations, Employee Services, and Benefits
     (f) Authority to Administer Oaths, Affirmations, and Affidavits

(2) Assistant Directors are redelegated authority to:

     (a) Approve requests for personnel actions (SF-52).
     (b) Rate, review and approve the performance of employees.
     (c) Decide unacceptable performance actions and other adverse actions and grievances.
     (d) Approve leave
     (e) Approve overtime
     (f) Approve requests for variations of basic workweek and workplace in accordance with established Service policy and bargaining agreements.

B. Temporary Redelegations. Project and Team Leaders may make temporary, short-term appointments during emergencies such as fires or comparable disasters requiring immediate action.

10.2 Limitations on Appointments, Changes, and Separations.

A. Secretary. Certain appointments, details, changes, separations, and removals require Secretarial approval pursuant to 370 DM 311 (205 DM 8.2A).

B. Assistant Secretary - Policy, Management, and Budget.

(1) Executive personnel authorities concerning positions in the Senior Executive Service, senior-level or scientific and professional positions, and positions established under Section 3104 of 5 U.S.C. are reserved to PMB or higher (205 DM 8.2F(2))

(2) The following authorities require prior approval by PMB (205 DM 8.2G):

     (a) Appointment of U.S. citizens recruited overseas and appointment of citizens recruited outside overseas areas pursuant to 5 CFR 301.201/202.

     (b) Appointment based on service in the Office of the President or Vice President or on the White House Staff pursuant to 5 CFR 315.602, and appointment based on legislative or judicial service pursuant to 5 U.S.C. 3304.

C. Director of Personnel. Temporary assignments of Schedule C employees to competitive positions is reserved to PPM (205 DM 8.2I(1)).

D. Assistant Secretary for Fish and Wildlife and Parks. The following authorities are reserved to FW or higher:

(1) Concurrence with all proposed actions under paragraphs A, B, and C above, which must be submitted through FW (242 DM 2.3).

(2) Appointments to or details to or from the following positions (242 DM 2.3):

     (a) Headquarters Office positions for division and office heads and positions at GS-15 and above, regardless of title.

     (b) Regional Office positions for Regional Directors, Deputy Regional Directors, and Assistant Regional Directors at GS-15 and above.

(3) Authority to waive time-in-grade requirements (205 DM 8.2J).

E. Director. Authority to approve appointments, changes, and separations at GS-14 and above is reserved to the Director.

10.3 Limitations on Position Classification, Pay and Allowances.

A. Director of Personnel. Authority for certain position classification actions are reserved to PPM pursuant to 370 DM 511 (205 DM 8.2C).

B. Assistant Secretary for Fish and Wildlife and Parks. Authority to approve payment of recruitment or relocation bonuses or retention allowances for GS-12 and above is reserved to FW (242 DM 2.4).

C. Assistant Director - Policy, Budget and Administration. Authority to permit compensation from more than one civilian office pursuant to 5 U.S.C. 5533(a) and 5 CFR 550.504 is reserved to APBA (205 DM 8.2H).

10.4 Limitations on Performance and Awards. (Reserved)

10.5 Limitations on Duty Stations, Time and Attendance, and Leave.

A. Assistant Secretary - Policy, Management and Budget. Authority to exclude Presidential Appointees from leave provisions is reserved to PMB or higher (205 DM 8.2F(1)).

B. Director. Authority to make determinations that the exigencies of the public business are of such importance as to preclude the use of annual leave to avoid forfeiture pursuant to 5 U.S.C. 6304 is reserved to the Director, provided that his/her leave status would not also be affected by the determination (205 DM 8.2D).

C. Regional and Assistant Directors. In addition to the authority redelegated in 10.1A, Regional and Assistant Directors are authorized to:

(1) Authorize employees, in writing, to certify or approve their own Time and Attendance Reports in those rare circumstances where it is not practical to obtain certification or approval by the employee's supervisor (205 DM 6.2).

(2) Temporarily close field stations outside the Washington metropolitan area and to dismiss employees because of inclement weather, natural disaster, or other emergencies deemed detrimental to the safety and health of Service employees. Field officials to whom this authority is further redelegated must inform the next higher supervisory official, if possible, before temporarily closing a field station. When Service and/or other Departmental field stations are co-located, proper coordination should take place before closing.

10.6 Limitations on Labor Relations, Employee Services and Benefits. Approval of basic labor agreements, or amendments or terminations of such agreements, negotiated between the Service or an organizational element thereof and labor organizations representing employees of the Service are reserved to the Director of Personnel pursuant to 370 DM 711 (205 DM 8.2B).