General Administrative Delegation

031 FW 2
FWM Number
Originating Office
Policy and Regulations Branch

2.1 Delegation of Authority. Subject to the limitations in 031 FW 2.2 and 2.3, the Director, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, is authorized to exercise all of the authority delegated to the Assistant Secretary for Fish and Wildlife and Parks in the following DM chapters. Except as noted below, any limitations contained in the following chapters are applicable to this redelegation.

A. 205 DM 2 -- Attendance at Meetings and Acceptance of Contributions.

B. 205 DM 5 -- Administrative Services.

C. 205 DM 6 -- Budget and Financial Administration.

D. 205 DM 7 -- Claims by the United States for Property or Money.

E. 205 DM 8 -- Personnel Management.

F. 205 DM 9 -- Personal Property Management.

G. 205 DM 10 -- Real Property Management, including the authority to make the determinations required by 205 DM 10.1B(1), (2), (3).

H. 205 DM 11 -- Procurement and Contracting.

I. 205 DM 14 -- Land Management Programs.

J. 205 DM 15 -- Travel and Transportation.

K. 205 DM 16 -- Advisory Committee Management.

L. 295 DM 1 -- Disaster Assistance.

M. 296 DM 1 -- Fire Protection and Assistance.

2.2 Procurement Limitations. With regard to procurement authority (205 DM 11) redelegated in 031 FW 2.1, all proposed procurements estimated to equal or exceed $300,000 shall be submitted to the Assistant Secretary for Fish and Wildlife and Parks for review and approval. This submission shall occur as early as possible in the procurement cycle and prior to issuance of a solicitation. In the case of unsolicited proposals, the review shall be made prior to entering into negotiations with the prospective contractor.

2.3 Personnel Limitations. With regard to personnel management authority (205 DM 8) redelegated in 031 FW 2.1, except when required by 370 DM 311 to be submitted for Secretarial approval through and with the concurrence of the Assistant Secretary for Fish and Wildlife and Parks, all appointments to or details to or from the following positions shall be submitted to the Assistant Secretary for Fish and Wildlife and Parks for approval:

A. Headquarters office positions for division and office heads and positions at GS-15 and above, irrespective of title.

B. Regional office positions for Regional Directors, Deputy Regional Directors, and Assistant Regional Directors at GS-15 and above.

C. Positions for research center directors and any other research positions at GS-15 and above.

2.4 Other Personnel Limitations. The personnel management authority granted in 031 FW 2.1 does not include the exercise of specific personnel management authorities that are reserved to higher level management, such as approval of recommendations for the payment of recruitment or relocation bonuses or retention allowances for employees at GS-12 and above. Such authority may be exercised by the Assistant Secretary for Fish and Wildlife and Parks or the Executive Resources Board, as appropriate.