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Golden eagle head
The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service (Service) and the Oregon State Police (OSP) are seeking information regarding the illegal killing of three gray wolves and two golden eagles in Wallowa County in Eastern Oregon. The deaths occurred in an area of known wolf activity, as defined by the Oregon...
Headshot of a Bald eagle.
Baby eagles. Did I get your attention? If not, how about this: Rescuing baby eagles. Tree climbing with baby eagles. Sibling rivalry with – wait for it — baby eagles. Do you really have something better going on than baby eagles? This story is about baby bald eagles, or, as U.S. Fish and...
A stately Roosevelt elk in the snow
To Emmett Walker, hunting is about ethics. It’s about more than that too, of course. For Walker, hunting is also about family, food, being outdoors, and getting so close to majestic animals that he can reach out and touch them. It’s simply a part of life, the way Walker has lived ever since he shot...
Silhouette of a boat on a lake
North Riverfront Park is a boater’s paradise. Located in Independence, Oregon, North Riverfront Park’s boat ramp attracts visitors looking for easy recreational boating access to the Willamette River, phenomenal angling opportunities, as well as the public recreators who want to picnic, walk the...
A man kneeling in a shallow creek releasing a large fish with mountains in the background.
From delisting the first fish, to using DNA to help bull trout return to their natal waters, and joining forces with botanists to use DNA to conserve a threatened plant, Abernathy Fish Technology Center's work in conservation genetics has informed important decisions for threatened and endangered...
Pair of oregon chub swimming
The Oregon chub may be a small fish, but it made huge waves when it became the first fish ever removed from the federal list of endangered and threatened animals due to recovery in 2015.
Three long tubular fish swim underwater along rocks and gravel.
A restoration project at Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife's Three Rivers-Cedar Creek Hatchery near Oregon's north coast recently won honors for an innovative design that opens access for all species of fish, including the often overlooked but ecologically and culturally crucial Pacific...

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