North Carolina Wildlife Resources Commission

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snail underwater
LIVE! IN THE WILD! It’s the amazing...the incredible...the magnificent ramshorn (Planorbella magnifica)! No, we’re not in a Las Vegas magic show. We’re in a pond in Brunswick County, North Carolina, where magnificent ramshorn snails were recently released into the wild for the first time.
Staff from the NC Wildlife Resources Commission placing trout eggs into a pressurization chamber.
Erwin National Fish Hatchery works with the NC Wildlife Resources Commission to produce triploid trout eggs.
A group of about a dozen small triangular shellfish in shallow water.
A draft recovery plan for the freshwater mussel, Yellow Lance (Elliptio lanceolata) is available for public review and comment until December 21, 2022. The yellow lance faces a variety of threats from declines in water quality, loss of stream flow, riparian and instream habitat fragmentation, and...
Female biologist standing in cave, in protective white suit with headlamp, holding a small gray bat.
Asheville, North Carolina - On May 9, 2016, biologist Chris Kelly saw a lone bat on a bridge crossing the French Broad River outside Asheville, North Carolina. Five years later, everything wildlife biologists thought they knew about endangered gray bats in this corner of the Blue Ridge Mountains...
Two snorkelers in a river, heads above water, conversing
As a trio of kids on inner tubes quietly floated down the French Broad River outside Rosman, North Carolina, a nearby snorkeler broke the river’s surface, disturbing the quiet with a quick clearing of water from his snorkel. U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service biologist Jason Mays was searching the...

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