Ecological Services Wyoming Field Office

U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service

334 Parsley Blvd

Cheyenne, WY 82007

Main Office Number:  307-772-2374

Please submit project requests to our office mailbox at This mailbox is checked regularly and should ensure timely processing of your request.

WYES Staff
Main Office StaffSub-Office Staff
Tyler Abbott

Wyoming Field Supervisor

Office:  307-757-3707
Scott Becker

Regional Wolf Coordinator

Lander Sub-Office

Cell:  307-399-8445

Jenny Hill

Acting Wyoming Deputy Supervisor & Sagebrush Ecosystem Conservation Coordinator

Office:  307-757-3715

Rox Hicks


Baggs Sub-Office

Office:  307-383-7860 Extension 5

Rachel Arrick

Recovery Program Coordinator 

Office: 307-7753712

Jim Lindstrom


Office:  307-757-3713
Jason Palmer

Wyoming Toad Recovery

Cell:  307-214-1766
Lea Lehmann

Conventional Energy and Water Depletions 

Office:  307-757-3727

Kevin Salgado

Conventional and Renewable Energy

Office:  307-757-3711

Robin Kockler 

Interim Administrative Support Assistant (Remote)

Montana State Ecological Services Office

Office: 406-430-9018

Elizabeth Duran

Renewable Energy Coordinator

Office:  307-757-3718

Jenny Sika

Renewable Energy

Office:  307-757-3710

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