About Us

Our office focuses on conserving federally endangered, threatened and rare species, migratory birds, inter-jurisdictional fish and their habitats in Ohio and ensuring compliance with federal wildlife laws such as the Endangered Species Act. Our strategy for conservation relies on engaging with partners, focusing on implementing conservation on the ground and reaching out to foster an appreciation of fish and wildlife and habitat among all Ohioans.

Implementing the Endangered Species Act is our primary responsibility. We work to prevent extinction and promote recovery of listed species that occur in Ohio. Listed species are indicators that something in the ecosystem is out of balance for all species. Often, if we implement recovery actions for listed species, there is a beneficial ripple effect for other species and their habitats. The Endangered Species Act has built-in flexibility, providing multiple tools to address varying situations. Consultation with other federal agencies results in conservation benefit for listed species and other species. The Habitat Conservation Planning process for non-federal actions promotes a balance between conservation and development. When we have the opportunity, we also proactively conserve non-listed species and habitat to prevent future listings.

We are the national lead field office for recovery of the following listed species:

  • Lakeside daisy (threatened)
  • Running buffalo clover (endangered)
  • Scioto madtom (endangered)
  • Purple cat’s paw pearly mussel (endangered)
  • White cat’s paw pearly mussel (endangered)
  • Rayed bean mussel (endangered)
  • Snuffbox mussel (endangered)

We conserve more than just endangered species - we are responsible for migratory birds, inter-jurisdictional fish and their habitats. We use the Fish and Wildlife Coordination Act, Natural Resources Damage Assessment and Great Lakes Restoration Initiative to protect, enhance, restore and maintain habitat important for all wildlife, with a focus on wetlands, streams and riparian riparian
Definition of riparian habitat or riparian areas.

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