What We Do

A significant portion of our work involves the endangered pallid sturgeon and native fish of the Missouri River system. This work is accomplished by working closely and cooperatively with numerous state, federal, and private stakeholders on native fish and river issues, as well as collecting broodstock broodstock
The reproductively mature adults in a population that breed (or spawn) and produce more individuals (offspring or progeny).

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for spawning, planning for population augmentation, conducting research on life history and habitat requirements, protection, and restoration of habitats.

Management and Conservation

Pallid Sturgeon Recovery Fishery Assistance

We provide fisheries expertise and technical assistance to the National Wildlife Refuges and Native American Tribes in North Dakota. Our office works with Fish and Wildlife Service field offices, including Ecological Services and National Fish Hatcheries in the Dakotas, as well as several State and Federal agencies. We also extend assistance to other State and Federal agencies.

National Wildlife Refuge System Assistance

National Wildlife Refuges are managed and administered by the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service to protect fish and wildlife and their habitats for the enjoyment of the American people. The Missouri River Fish and Wildlife Conservation Office works with the individual refuges to provide technical assistance on aquatic issues for the management of the waters on National Wildlife Refuges and includes working closely with refuge personnel, State and local agencies and the public, to maintain a recreational fishery for the enjoyment and appreciation of anglers where applicable and compatible with refuge objectives.

The Missouri River Fish and Wildlife Conservation Office provides technical assistance on fishery and aquatic issues to the refuge system through:

  • Surveys of the fish populations.
  • Fish stocking recommendations.
  • Population and habitat enhancement.
  • Preservation efforts of for threatened, endangered, depleted, and native fish species and their habitats.
  • Invasive and non-native species management.

Our Services

Laws and Regulations

We need your help!

Anglers are urged to report any sturgeon they catch or unintentionally snag. If you catch a pallid sturgeon, please call 1-888-203-9577 (toll free) and leave the following information:

  • Date caught or snagged
  • Location
  • Estimates of length and weight of the fish
  • General appearance of the fish
  • You can leave a name and telephone number so that we can get back in touch with you or you may remain anonymous if you prefer.
  • For more information, please see http://www.pallidsturgeon.org/