About Us

Within the Upper Klamath Basin, conservation efforts are coordinated by the Klamath Falls Fish and Wildlife Office through the voluntary cooperation and participation of a variety of agencies, organizations, private landowners, and individuals. Conservation efforts to maintain and restore the function and health of the Upper Klamath Basin ecosystem are supported and facilitated through USFWS-sponsored activities including; 

  • Protecting and restoring animals and plants that are in danger of extinction both in the United States and worldwide. 
  • Providing expert biological advice to other Federal agencies, states, industry, and members of the public concerning the conservation of fish and wildlife habitats that may be affected by development activities.
  • Administering Federal grant money to support specific projects carried out by state fish and wildlife agencies.
  • Working private landowners and others to conserve and restore habitat on private lands.

Our Mission

"working with others, to conserve, protect, and enhance fish and wildlife
and their habitat for the continuing benefit of the American people"