Resources to assist you in working with the Kentucky Ecological Services Field Office. 


Kentucky Field Office's Participation in Conservation Memoranda of Agreement for the Indiana Bat and/or Northern Long-eared Bat

The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, Kentucky Field Office (KFO) proposes to participate in an indefinite number of voluntary Conservation Memoranda of Agreement (CMOA) with federal and non-federal entities that would provide recovery-focused conservation benefits for Indiana and northern long-...

Snail darter in hand.
This library includes background information about post-delisting monitoring (PDM) and recent PDM plans released for species in the southeast.
Fluted Kidneyshell_Final RP.pdf

Final recovery plan for the endangered fluted kidneyshell

Range-wide Indiana Bat Protection and Enhancement Plan Guidelines

Range-wide Indiana Bat Protection and Enhancement Plan Guidelines for Surface Coal-mining Operations – February 2013 Revisions

Standing Analysis of for the Kentucky Determination Key.pdf

This Standing Analysis supports the conclusions the "Kentucky Determination Key" delivered by the Service's Information for Planning and Consultation (IPaC) system.